Personal Investigation

Fox detective agency offer personal investigation for customers seeking to verify or find information on individuals for their own private reasons.

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Corporate Investigation

Fox detective agency provide corporate investigation services for enterprises and corporations looking for information on individuals, assets, records, data theft, copyright and trademark infringement, and financial fraud, among others.

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Cyber Investigation

Fox Detective Agency is among one of the best investigation agencies to trace anonymous person(s) involved in different types of mischief.

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Special Investigation

We conduct 24x7 special investigation services for our customers using the latest tracking and recording equipment.

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Forensic Services

We are experts in forensic analysis and investigation. We use our expertise to solve various crimes involving fraud, pilferage, swindling, cheating, forgery, deceit, etc.

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Political Investigation

Political figures and senior technocrats round the globe have lost their seats of power many times due to corruption and sometimes on account of personal impropriety.

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About Us

Fox Detective Agency specialized in all types of Investigations such as pre/post marital investigations, missing persons tracing, divorce cases, surveillance, fraud investigations, forensic investigations, cyber crime investigations, IPR investigations and business background checks. All the aforesaid investigations will be supported with solid evidence such as documents, pictures, video/audio recordings etc.

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