Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy:

1.The information collected by the agency during the process of investigation is completely confidential and is not share with anyone else then the client himself.

2.At FOX DETECTIVE AGENCY we don't share clients information even with our team working on there case on the field.

3.Clients are not provided with any details of the team working on there case. We at FOX DETECTIVE AGENCY strictly keep our clients info private.

4.The clients are provided reports on there emails given during start of the case. Other options for demanding reports can be telephonic, whats app or file copy delivered to them personally. It has to be decided by the client himself.

5.Upon submission of reports the Investigation gets over and the agency is not liable for any details further.

6.After submission of reports the FOX DETECTIVE AGENCY doesn't keep the copy of the reports for clients safety.

7.The client is liable to pay all the fees decided between the two parties .

8.The Reports Submitted by the agency is completed valid in all the respected courts in india and abroad.

9.The proofs submitted by the agency is Completely genuine .

10.The policy is mandatory for all the clients those who submit the case to the agency and doesn't need any paperwork or stamp or signatures.

11.The Client may have to face legal sue in case of damaging the image of the agency through any medium of social networking, newspaper or through any medium through which company finds it damaging.

12. The agency is not liable for any disputes occur during the investigation process.

13. If the investigation is not able to complete in the given period due to any natural calamities the company is not responsible for that.

14. The client has to provide with all the correct information to the agency asked by them and also complete case details and details given wrong would dismiss the case and the client is liable to pay all the expenses to the agency.

Fox Detective Agency Mumbai
Fox Detective Agency Mumbai

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