Love Affair Investigation:

There are lots of detective agency working out there .. but the most important thing one should remember is that on google all try to show themselves as one of the best..

let me tell you about my story if you have time kindly spend your valuable 2 min.

okay for the start my name is parth and i live in dubai..i had a girlfriend living in mumbai. we have been dating each other for nearly 7 years ..we use to go higher secondary school together and then both persue or doctorate degree together. thought it was the right time to for us to tell our parents that we wanna get settle together i got a called from one of the finest hospitals in dubai for the job and i wanted to join in the month of october there so before leaving i with my family went at her place for marriage proposal. for sometime all went well but as every time in every love story happens we both belong to different caste my gf parents denied the relationship.

after much waiting and emotional dramas nd all i went to dubai to join my job.we used to talk daily but nothing much has changed . so i decided to take an advice from a detective firm on this matter .. so for the same i contacted few agency 2 or 3 agency didn't even understand my situation and started talking baseless things , so i got them off my list. one agency took money for the job. he demanded 40k i initially in the start paid and advance of 30k to him but very next day his phone was switched off . i continued trying him for one week but nothing changed and at mumbai my gf parents very busy for her engagement .. I got so frustrated and emotional with all these was not understanding what to do.

so i thought again of trying one last time so i again searched on google and came across one Detective agency . kindly click on any blue words below to get the company's url.

The time i called it was around 1.30 am in india . the person there listen to my whole case for around an hour and half and after that he gave me a suggestion that they will bring my gf at my place in dubai. first i thought it was some kind of joke as such things don't happen . i told them my gf parents are not letting her out of her home. the person at the agency told to leave that on them .

i talked to them on 15th and on 18th i received a call from them that there are outside my gf house and are ready with the car and everything . they told me to call the girl, but i told them as that is not possible my gf parents have taken her phone and its switched off. so the person told he will call me in sometime and will instruct me what to do further. after 2 hours i received a call from them that my gf is with them and they are taking her to the airport . first i didn't believe on what they after i spoke to her we both cried on the phone .

i instantly booked 2 tickets for dubai from mumbai for the very next flight available ..the agency person came with her to dubai airport he dropped her and went back . i couldn't believe what just happened . now we are married and leave here. my wife father is still not talking with us ..its been now 8 months . hoping this get changed soon.

thank you for the help.

Recovery of money:

Hi my name is namit I live in Mumbai I have been duped by a person for 28 lakhs . he took money from me by saying he would provide me with a government job. He told it will take around 2 months time for me to join in the services . he told he had huge contacts he used to live at Andheri I went few times at his home for this discussion and gave him money time to time. He told he will contact me for the job joining and other formalities .

I waited for 2 moths but had not received any call from him . so I called him up but to my surprise his both the numbers were not in use . I got shocked and went to his flat at Andheri but he had left that home a month back.

I understood I was cheated and so I came from there and told my father what all has happen. My father and all my family were in serious trouble. I couldn’t go to the police station to complain as all the money was black . so I decided to contact some detective agency about that .

I searched on google and came across the person there listen to all my situation and he told me he will help me with my case. They gave me a time period of 15 days for my case and told me within this period I would receive my money.

For few days they were trying to locate the person and 2 my surprise on the 5 th day they found him . I told them I want to go at his place now to recover my money but the person at the agency told me to wait .

These people followed him for more 2 days to track his daily routine on the 8th day they catch hold of him and they called me to come down at the location where they had holded him.

I came at that place and saw that person begging me to let him go, he told he will return all my money within a weeks time . but the person at the agency told him to give the money right now . he kept telling he didn’t have money now but after some hard interrogations he told he had 19lakh now .so we all went at his place from where he gave 8 lakhs cash and rest he told is kept at bank where we went and took from him.

He told rest he will arrange in 1 week times . the agency person told him that his people are keeping an eye on him 24hrs. and really on the 6th day only he came at my place and returned the remaining balance amount .. I could just say thank you

Domestic Tour Shadowing:

Hello i am Radhika From Mumbai . Firstly I wanna thank Fox Detective Agency for saving my life and also my home. I from few months had seen a drastic change in my husbands nature. He started keeping password to his mobile which he never use to do before . He use to give proper time to me and kids, but from few months he started coming home late from office , he whenever use to get a call he use to walk far and talk.

Seeing this behaviour of his I doubted that he is hiding something from me and one day when he went to buy groceries near our home his mobile was at home and I say a message popped on his his mobile. The message was of a girl name Avantika they had planned to meet on that day on her home. I didn’t know what to do at that time as I was completely shocked and after a day my husband came back from office and told me that is going to Chennai for company work.

So i thought for a while and called one of his friends asking him about the details of the tour, to my surprised my husband friend told me that there are no such plans and company is not planned any such it was clear that my husband was lying to me and he Cleary is going with that girl Avantika for a trip.

So I wanted to catch him red handed so I searched on google for Detective agency and came across Fox Detective Agency, I called them and the person there told me to explain me about the case. I told him each and everything about the situation and they have told me they can send one of there persons from there team who will follow my husband from outside our home till the time he comes back .

I told them I wanted to catch my husband red handed so they told me on returning back to Mumbai they will do the needful. My husband was going on for 3 days. So on the 3 day I came on the airport and was waiting there for my husband to arrive with that girl. He came out around 6.30 pm form the arrival gate and I was standing a little far distance so that he couldn’t see me. He was waiting for with the girl near the taxi stand and the I decided its the right time to confront him . So I went near him and asked him what all is going on first he was completely shocked to see me , the girl Avantika was trying to hide from me .

I told my husband that what all he had done is not right you broke my trust I also cursed the girl that she had broken my home. After a lot of drama and scene there lots of people had gathered and some how my husband was feeling little uncomfortable he stoped a taxi and told the Avantika to go .He then stopped another taxi and told me that rest of the talks we will do at home.

When we reached home my husband folded his hands and accepted that he has done a big mistake and that he will not do that again .

I forgive him as I have to do that for my children. But really thanks to Fox Detective Agency for helping me and saving my home.

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